Libertarian Party joins dispute over Senate runoff

The Libertarian Party has waded into the U.S. Senate dispute, calling for the other parties to help with Chris McDaniels examination of election books from the runoff.

The statement from Chairman Mario Barnes:

 "The National Spotlight is once again on Mississippi. This time the disaster is the Republican Primary Run-off between Incumbent Senator Thad Cochran and State Senator Chris McDaniel. The tactics implemented by the Cochran campaign, pandering and begging Democrats to “cross over” and vote Republican, in some cases for the first time ever, are questionable. We have witnessed first-hand Democratic Party members showing up in droves to choose the Republican nominee.  While this seems a simple issue, the underlying tones are tyrannical.  The big boys in Washington have shown a state political party in Mississippi that they will not let them choose their own candidate unless he gets the stamp of approval from the National Party.

"I am calling on Republican State Chairman, Joe Nosef, and the Democratic State Chairman, Ricky Cole, to urge their members to assist in the voter roll recount.  This isn’t about winning or losing; it is about the integrity of the process.  This is an ethical issue.  The eyes of the nation are upon Mississippi.  What would we have them see, more political corruption and fraud?

As State Chairman of the Libertarian Party, I understand that individuals are free to act on their own.  But, something has happened here in this election. There are rules that have potentially been broken.  If, indeed, some of our citizens voted in the Democratic Primary and then voted again in the Republican Runoff election, that is not allowed.

"You may be asking yourself, 'What business is this of the Libertarian Party?' Are we to stand idly by while potential fraud and corruption may have denied our fellow citizens of their civil rights? We stand for every person’s liberty and freedom, not just members of our own party, and as far as I am concerned, whether or not they would do the same for us is irrelevant.  I understand that we ALL have to stand together against tyranny and corruption. It doesn’t matter who the victim is, this party stands for every person-EVERY person.  We do not have loyalty to either of those parties. We do have loyalty to the citizens of this state and country. We are not the TEA Party.  We are not the Republican Party.  We are not the Democratic Party. Although we share some common beliefs with other parties, we stand proudly as the Party of Principle, and we will not waiver in spite of threats or fraud.