Center for Public Integrity finds McDaniel camp is the muddiest

When it comes to slinging mud in politics, it's always the other candidate with the dirty hands. Your campaign is about the issues, the other side is on the attack.

That's been the story of the Mississippi Senate race, one of the muddiest campaign trails since the invention of asphalt.

But who really is on the attack?

The Center for Public Integrity analyzed spending for both sides and in its piece "The Beautification of Thad Cochran," it concludes the long-serving senator has run the more positive race since the June 4 Primary.

Dave Levinthal of Public Integrity says groups backing Cochran have spent $1.25 million on pro-Cochran efforts and just $83,000 attacking his opponent, state Sen. Chris McDaniel.

Levinthal wrote:

"The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which spent $700,000 in the runoff phase, trotted out football legend Brett Favre to pitch Cochran to voters. 'Thad always delivers,' Favre says as cheery music plays in the background."

He describes McDaniel backers as "much more cutthroat."

"Of the nearly $2 million they've together spent during the runoff period, the majority - about $1.1 million - funded efforts attacking Cochran."

Read more, and find out who the big spender in the race was at Public Integrity's website.