Mississippi Republican chairman says GOP wants 'accurate and legal' runoff

Joe Nosef, Chairman of the Mississippi Republican Party, weighed in on the controversy over Republicans trying to persuade Democrats to vote in the GOP runoff.

Democratic Party Executive Director Rickey Cole says a pro-Sen. Thad Cochran PAC is paying clergy and others to drum up votes for the senator. He doesn't like it.

Neither does Nosef: 

"The law prohibits anyone from buying or selling a vote, as it should. We want a clean, hard fought primary decided by voters who plan to support the Republican Party and our candidates in November. I personally have been and continue to be in touch with legal counsel as well as representatives from both campaigns in order to ensure that our runoff is accurate and legal." 

Cochran faces Chris McDaniel in Tuesday's runoff. The winner gets Democrat Travis Childer in the November general election.