Democratic chief takes his battle against crossover voting to radio's Ingraham

Just go ahead and file this one under strange bedfellows. Ricky Cole and Laura Ingraham are on the same side in the latest weirdness brought to you by the Mississippi race for U.S. Senate.

It started earlier this week with a direct message on Facebook from Cole to a top aide of challenger Chris McDaniel. In it, Cole says a pro-Sen. Thad Cochran PAC is paying Mississippi preachers to try to persuade Democratic voters to cross over and support Cochran in the June 24 runoff.

Some say Democrats would be better off with McDaniel as Travis Childer's opponent in the November general election. The theory is McDaniel will have a Todd Akin moment and hand the seat to Democrats.

Cole says he isn't buying it. And he can't think of any other reason for Democrats to vote for Cochran.

"Cochran has spent millions in advertising bragging he voted 100 times against Obamacare, he disagrees with Democrats on 85 to 90 percent of the votes in the Senate," Cole told Ingraham, on her radio show Wednesday. He has an F rating from NEA, a very low rating from AFL-CIO, so we don't understand what the appeal is there."

Cole says it would be like a Democrat reaching out to the Tea Party.

He's right.

I won't be able to say, 'Now I've seen everything' until the votes are counted and the courthouses are checked for stowaways.

How weird can it get? Well, these two agree on something. Listen here.