Ron Paul will be at Gander Mountain for McDaniel

The Chris McDaniel Media Brigade has been given its marching orders. First they are to go to all Sun Herald stories and post kindly comments about McDaniel. (Thanks in advance for the clicks.)

 Saturday from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. the brigade will be at  a 2nd Amendment Rally at Gander Mountain in Hattiesburg, featuring Ron Paul (not to be confused with Rand Paul, the guy who didn't endorse Chris), Dudley Brown and Chris Kuper of National Association of Gun Rights (Not be confused with the NRA, which didn't endorse Chris), Chris Stone of Gun Owners of America (which did endorse Chris), Nick Crutcher of the NRA (which did endorse Sen. Thad Cochran), and state Sens. Tony Smith and Michael Watson (who did endorse Chris). Feel free to click on this often to keep those endorsements straight.

Then there's another biggie, the Big Rally For Chris McDaniel Monday at 6:30 p.m. at the St Martin Community Center with Sens. Watson, Smith and Anti-Common Core Diva Sen. Angela Burks Hill.

McDaniel cousin Billy Jack McDaniel will be there as well.

A h/t to Tea Party webmaster Barry Neyrey (who endorses clicking on Sun Herald links) for the brigade information.