Watson: No vote on Pascagoula port was a vote against business as usual in Mississippi Legislature

State Sen. Michael Watson on Thursday responded to a post about his vote on a bond bill that contained $10 million for the Port of Pascagoula. The original post is here.
This is Watson's response:
"When the people of Jackson County sent me back to Jackson for a second term, we were still digging ourselves out of the recession, and, more personally, my wife and I had our first baby girl, and were afraid of what large government debt would mean for her future.
"I did not return to Jackson to do business as usual. The 2013 bond bill had some valuable projects, but also had money for museums and other pet projects that shouldn't be a priority when we were in need of more important things, like more troopers on the road and better salaries for our teachers.
"For example, it had over $30 Million set aside to repair/restore historic buildings. Run that figure by the hardworking Mississippians and see if they think it's more important to get a tax cut or renovate an old building.
"The port project is a valuable project that I supported, but it was crammed in a bill that spent more on museums and pet projects than the amount by which we lowered our debt that year.
"The Senate could very easily vote on each individual project, based on merit and priority, as does the House, and I've argued that on the Senate floor. I am confident that as more and more Mississippians are made aware of the Senate's process, which encourages waste and pork, they will agree with me and demand we change it.
"It really is a simple fix."