Club for Growth announces six-figure spending on ads

Tired of wall-to-wall ads? Some bad news for you.

Club for Growth Action in a press released this morning announced a new statewide TV and radio ad campaign in the Mississippi Republican primary runoff. The ads, Club said, are backed by a large, six-figure buy, and will begin running today on broadcast and cable throughout Mississippi. The Club for Growth PAC has endorsed State Senator Chris McDaniel for the U.S. Senate.

But they break no new ground. It's standard campaign stuff. Sen. Cochran has been there too long, has voted for bailouts, tax hikes, send a message to Washington, etc.

Ready to send a message to both campaigns?

Years ago, I cut the cable in favor of MLBTV, Netflix, and, gasp, books for entertainment.

I guess that's why campaigns send me emails telling me about their commercials.