McDaniel: This is a fiction you guys are creating

Sen. Chris McDaniel's penultimate parting shot at the media -- delivered on the Gallo Radio Show -- is now available in transcript on Y'all Politics website. Paul Gallo cuts to the chase and questions McDaniel about the "Constitutional" Clayton Kelly scandal.

A sample of McDaniel's answers: 

"Yeah. No. No Paul (Gallo, not Hampton). It’s really simple: There is nothing here. This is a fiction you guys are creating. Here is what happened: Facebook. Every day on Facebook there is a new rumor. There is a new allegation. Wouldn’t you know. In April we received some sort of notice that there was a video floating around about Kay and Thad. I’ve never laid eyes on the video. Never. But what I was sure of was that was not anything our campaign was going to be involved in."

If you'd rather listen, here's the Gallo Radio Show archives.