McDaniel has 18 minutes of tape that aren't missing

Thursday was another day of defense for Sen. Thad Cochran's challenger, Chris McDaniel, after The Wall Street Journal posted 10 minutes of his old radio show.

No bombshells, but some embarrassing moments, a discussion about "mamacitas" among them. Not exactly the kind of talk a serious candidate would want out there less than two months before the primary. And, I've heard there are hours of tape from the long-running show.

I doubt his opponents have started with the worst of them.

His campaign says it's just another attack by the liberal media. Yes. The liberal Wall Street Journal. It's also been picked up by the Business Insider and The Hill and others without a doubt.

There's another one, posted a couple days ago on YouTube, that has McDaniel and his sidekick talking about a Libertarian candidate who used her cleavage to attract votes in the Alabama governor's race in 2006. It's a bit strange to hear McDaniel, who's known to dwell on the decline of Ameican culture, talk about boobs, hookers and blow.

Then he closes by saying it's all too risque for his program.