Chances are you haven't of Tom Carter - yet

Tom Carter says he isn't the typical candidate. He knows he's not well known in political circles but says he's about to change that. Shortly before he spoke to the Harrison County Republican Women, following the appearance by state Sen. Chris McDaniel, he said he has spent the early months of the campaign fundraising but now he's starting to hit the streets with his message.

The lifelong Mississippi resident says he's a businessman, not a politician. He lives in Carriere and works for a federal contractor.

His website shows his views are standard conservative - repeal Obamacare, cut spending, cut taxes and foster business - until it comes to abortion.

"I strongly believe in the sanctity of life, and my faith dictates that I am personally opposed to abortion," the website says. "However, I support the free rights of all men and women to make decisions that may be contrary to my core beliefs and values with their lives, and I will respect the law of the land. I stand firm on the principal that all life is precious regardless of how it is achieved. It is society’s charge to protect the innocent unborn or unwanted child."

He also opposes same-sex marriage.

Carter also promised a more in-depth talk soon.