Pew praises Mississippi's criminal justice overhaul

Mississippi lawmakers were getting praise Monday from the Pew Charitable Trust as Gov. Phil Bryant signed the criminal justice bill they passed earlier this year.

Pew said the comprehensive package  "places Mississippi among the leaders of a growing number of states advancing data-driven, research-based policies that improve public safety and reduce public spending on prisons." Pew said HB 585 is expected to save $266 million over the next decade by halting projected prison growth and safely reducing the prison population.

“Mississippi leaders came together across party lines and used data to enact one of the most comprehensive and far-reaching bills that any state has passed in recent years,” said Adam Gelb, director of The Pew Charitable Trusts’ public safety performance project. “Taxpayers want their dollars to produce the best possible results for public safety, and these reforms will do exactly that.”