Who is the Tea Party? A supporter of Democratic positions

My pen pal Barney Keller at the Club for Growth says Sen. Thad Cochran still doesn't know much about the Tea Party. Apparently he read it in, drum roll, Breitbart.

Anyway, I am here to help. The senator apparently said all he knows about the party that's not a party is what he reads in the papers but I'm confident that includes a paper's web site as well. 

For one thing, the Mississippi Tea Party stands firmly on one issue with their fellow Democrats. It's right there on the party's website but I'll save you the trouble of going there. Here it is:

Dear Patriots of Mississippi:

It is a shame when we have to look to the Democrats and stand with them, the gangster unions, environmental whacko groups, and the rest of the usual enemies of freedom in order to preserve our country.

But, that seems to be exactly where we are on the anti-American legislation to “fast track” approval of the Trans-Pacific Partnership which is NAFTA on steroids.  Please see this article for details.

This is a bigger job killer than NAFTA and it is being pushed by non other than Speaker of the House Boehner.  That means that our three GOP congressmen and both GOP Senators will probably vote for it.