Ask the Magic 8 ball who Democrats will run

As one fellow who watches the Legislature's antics cracked, "They don't do anything Monday or Friday and they don't much on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday." So, about the only game in town on Monday is speculating on who will run for U.S. Senate on the Democratic Party side. 

The Cottonmouth blog says he knows but he's camouflaging the name in a list of others. His list:

Former Congressman Travis Childers 

Rep. David Baria (D - Bay St. Louis)

Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley

Ocean Springs Mayor Connie Moran

Former Rep. Brandon Jones (D - Pascagoula)

Sen. David Blount (D - Jackson)

Rep. Robert Johnson (D - Natchez)

Sen. Hob Bryan (D - Amory)

Rep. Bobby Moak (D - Bogue Chitto)

Former Governor Ray Mabus

Rep. Linda Whittington (D - Schlater)

Congressman Bennie Thompson

Rep. Bryant Clark (D - Pickens)

Sen. Debbie Dawkins (D - Pass Christian)

Maybe I'm reading too much into this but I'm suspecting he's putting the most likely candidates first. I can't see Debbie Dawkins getting in and I scarcely know Bryant Clark. Rep. Bennie Thompson is far too liberal for a statewide race. Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus probably has the best job of anybody on the list. Ocean Springs Mayor Connie Moran? Why would she leave Ocean Springs? 

But just to be sure I ran the top two names through the Magic 8 Ball and it picked Baria twice in a row. But my experience with the 8 Ball is it is prone to lying ... or being misquoted ... or taken out of context. So I'm going out on a limb and saying Childers will be the candidate.

We'll definitely know by 5:30 Friday, that's when the Democrats will close the window on the nominations.