TEA Party targets 10 Mississippi House seats

Several state TEA Party groups are continuing the "Move the House" effort to oust Democrats from the House. The GOP would need to take 8 seats to swing a majority. Here's a release from the Mississippi TEA Party:


The TEA Party’s Move the House Committee has identified 10 targeted races that will be critical to gaining conservative control of the Mississippi House of Representatives. Each of these districts has had a liberal Representative during the last four-year term. TEA Party members analyzed the challengers in all 10 targeted races.

“Our computer analysis shows that either the liberal’s in these races are vulnerable, or they have decided not to run for re-election making the seat open,” said Move the House Committee Chairman Richard Wilbourn. “Either way, for those 10 seats every conservative victory puts the TEA Party two votes closer to electing a conservative Speaker of the Mississippi House. Indeed, to get on our target list, each challenger must prove to us he or she is qualified, electable, and conservative. We believe all ten challengers meet those criteria and we proudly endorse each of them.”

There are currently 67 Democrats, 54 Republicans and one Independent in the House. Republicans need only gain a net of seven seats to achieve a majority. From its inception the Move the House Committee’s goal has been to elect seven conservatives in seats currently held by liberals.

“A vastly more conservative Speaker of the House is guaranteed if we reach this goal,” said Wilbourn. “We believe reaching our goal is very realistic. By focusing our efforts on our 10 targeted House races, conservatives have an excellent chance to Move the House!”

Targeted seats are listed below: District 3 (Open Seat - William Tracy Arnold v. Tommy Cadle)

District 4 (Open Seat - James Benefield v. Jody Steverson) District 19 (Randy Boyd v. Mark DuVall)

District 20 (Chris Brown v. Jimmy Puckett)

District 21 (Deborah Tierce v. Donnie Bell)

District 45 (Jay Mathis v. Bennett Malone)

District 79 (Ron Swindall v. Blaine Bo Eaton)

District 105 (Open Seat - Dennis Debar, Jr. v. Dale Kimble)

District 111 (Charles Busby v. Brandon Jones)

District 122 (Open Seat - Dorothy Wilcox v. David Baria)