Update: GOP says it wasn't late on certification

I've heard from the state Republican Party since Secretary of State late yesterday sent out a release saying both parties had been late certifying their candidates for the Aug. 23 runoffs.

The GOP did file its certification on time, by the Aug. 12 deadline, but later filed an adendum/amendment to their list, on Aug. 15. The SOS release said they didn't file their certification until the 15th. The Democratic Party didn't file its certification until yesterday, well after the legal deadline.

The upshot, as noted in the earlier post, is that the Secretary of State says that absentee ballots already cast will count, and the runoffs for the Democratic Primary will go on as planned.

The GOP spokesman I talked with was at least a little perturbed by this. Democrats missed the deadline and technically didn't have a ballot for the runoffs, and from some accounts didn't appear concerned about it until a press release went out. But as with most of Mississippi's (weak) campaign laws and regulations, enforcement is either impossible or impractical and/or mostly never pursued.

-- Geoff