Happy Election Day

Polls are still open -- still plenty of time to vote. We're getting mixed reports on turnout. Very few machine or other problems reported on Coast so far.

Harrison County Circuit Clerk's office reported pretty steady, decent turnout, but at some precincts we've been to, turnout was running pretty low. Donal Snyder in Biloxi, which has 4,000 registered, had seen only 813 cast by lunchtime.

Have had some reports that Hancock County voting was brisk, probably driven by big sheriff's race.

Gonna be interesting to see total primary turnouts between Democrat and Republican today, with Democrats not on the ballot in key statewide races. Last go 'round there were 446,748 voting in the Democratic primary, compared to 197,647 in the GOP primary. But those numbers have been slowly trending down for the Democratic primaries, and many have speculated Democrats may cross over this year because of the fuller GOP slates. Besides Dems not fielding a candidate for lieutenant gov., a lot of their primaries are uncontested. I guess we could see a big shift this year.

One observation: While voter turnout may not be so hot today, volunteer turnout for the campaigns seems large -- people and signs very thick outside numerous precincts.

If only those signs could vote ...

-- Geoff