Simpson slings mud; Hood stays positive

AG candidate Steve Simpson and Jim Hood speaking this afternoon. Simpson fired many shots at Hood, but Hood didn't return the criticism, focusing on his record and not mentioning his opponent at all.

"My Momma taught me, if can't say something good about somebody, then don't say anything at all," Hood said.

Simpson brought up the judicial bribery scandals and federal prosecution: "(Hood) refused to prosecute five of his biggest campaign contributors and friends because, quote 'It would be like prosecuting his family' close quote. If anyone tries to bribe or corrupt Mississippi's judicial system under my watch, I will prosecute them, I don't care who they are."

Simpson criticized Hood on numerous topics, referred to him as a career politician and even tried to tie him to the Obama Administration, saying Hood refused to join the fight against federal health care reform.

Hood focused on his work to reduce domestic violence, saying Mississippi has gone from 5th to 22nd in the number of women killed by their husband under his watch, in part due to the domestic violence division he started. He also touted his office's success in prosecuting Internet and cyber crimes.

"It's rewarding every day to go into the office and know those folks on the 17th floor are going to go out and arrest some pervert, every day," Hood said.