Hewes/Reeves clash at Neshoba Fair

Lieutenant governor candidates Billy Hewes III and Tate Reeves have sparred twice today at the Neshoba County fair, once at the pavillion at Founders Square, then again in a sort-of debate held by WAPT-16 Jackson television station.

Hewes started with a fiery speech late morning in which he said he tried to "shuck the corn." He said Reeves trying to label him a 'career politician' is misdirected. He noted Reeves has been state treasurer himself for eight years. But Hewes said his 20 years experience in the Legislature is what's needed to run the Senate as lieutenant governor and that Reeves "has never cast a vote in the Legislature" and "doesn't have much of a record."

"(Reeves) is like a car mechanic wanting to fix your car, when he's never set foot in a garage," Hewes said.

Reeves opened with a shot at Hewes having never run for statewide office.

"I'd like to say welcome to Billy Hewes to the Neshoba County Fair, and I hope you enjoyed your first time on this historic stage," Reeves said.

Reeves, to laughter and applause, then showed the crowd a handful of old hunting licenses, joking about the Hewes campaign recent allegations that Reeves had only bought his first hunting license after registering to run for lieutenant governor. Reeves said he brought all the old licenses he could find.

Both candidates drew huge crowds of supporters and packed the pavillion.

Both scored some zingers. More on this race later.... AG candidates are about to speak, starting with Steve Simpson

-- Geoff Pender/political editor