Hewes announcing "Game Plan Mississippi"

Both candidates for lieutenant governor appear to be channeling Haley Barbour in their campaigns. As Emily Wagster Pettus with the AP recently pointed out, Tate Reeves has been taking some old Barbour campaign mantras and inserting "lieutenant governor" and his name where Barbour once said governor and his name.

Hewes is having a press conference on Wednesday to announce his "Game Plan Mississippi." That sounds similar to Barbour's "Momentum Mississippi" and "Mississippi's Moment" from years back. Below is a statement from Hewes about the conference at the Capitol:

"We want you to join us Wednesday morning at 10:00 AM at the State Capitol in Jackson for a Press Conference announcing Game Plan Mississippi. The Game Plan is our legislative agenda for the future of Mississippi, and our plan for putting in place efficient standards and reforms that will take care of YOUR money. Every dollar we cut from an inefficient and duplicative system is a dollar we put back into the education of our children, the protection of our citizens, and the pocket of Mississippi taxpayers!"