Reeves criticizes Hewes over senator donations

More back-and-forth over campaign donations in the Tate Reeves vs Billy Hewes battle for lt. gov:

Reeves’ campaign blasted Hewes’ recent comments that he, unlike Reeves, is not accepting campaign contributions from state senators, who could later benefit from favors from whomever is lieutenant governor.

Reeves said that Hewes has also taken several donations, totalling at least $6,000, from senators in the past.

Hewes countered that he has received contributions from senators in the past, but not during his current campaign for lieutenant governor, and not from senators who are seeking reelection to the Senate.

But the Reeves campaign said Hewes, according to media reports, was already fundraising and running for lieutenant governor back in ‘09 and ‘10 when he received the donations.

Reeves campaign manager Justin Brasell said: “Billy Hewes is skilled in the way of a career politician — do as I say, not as I do. His say one thing, but do another philosophy is why voters are regecting his candidacy for lieutenant governor.”

The Hewes campaign has criticized Reeves from taking more than $400,000 in contributions from officers of businesses who’ve been making millions in fees from work with his current officer of state treasurer. More recently, they’ve accused Reeves of dodging a direct debate.

Hewes campaign spokesman Keith Plunkett said: “This is another case of the Reeves campaign’s refusal to come clean and tell the whole truth. They resort to political games, while keeping their candidate hidden away to keep him from having to answer tough questions. They continue to resort to desperate falsehoods and refuse to talk issues.”