SOS names campaign finance late filers

Pursuant to Miss. Ann Code § 23-15-817, the Office of the Secretary of State is required to publish a list of all candidates for the Legislature or any statewide office who failed to timely file a campaign disclosure report by the dates specified in Section 23-15-807(b).

Below is a list of all candidates who failed to timely file their campaign finance report.

Danny Ayers

Ray Minor

Henry Boyd

Michael Cobb

Bill Stone

Stacey Dale Scott

Barry Springer

Dennis Dye

Mona Pittman

Clayton Barksdale

Franklin Mallett

Mala Brooks

Earl Blackmon

Rogrick Wardell

Cecilia Sampayo

Alice V. Harden

Gerald Kucia

Clark Adams

W. L. Rayborn

Robert F. “Bobby” Hendry

Deborah Dawkins

Rex Weathers

Steve Fisher

Greg Hodges

Hollman “Holly” Raney

Ron Shapiro

Don Randolph

Zachary Harris

Jeffery Kilpatrick

Otis Anthony

Jerrerico Chambers

Brian Kelley

Gary Farmer

Deborah Butler Dixon

Anthony P. Thomas

Antonio Porter

Frankie Chisholm

William G. Lee

Jeffrey Harnes

Daniel Kilpatrick

Jonathan Hodge

Donald Holifield

Jerdon L. Welborn

David Cook

Rick McCluskey

Patrick Williams

Quentin Lyles

Steve Shaw

The following candidates did not timely file their campaign finance report, but have since filed with the Office of the Secretary of State:

Tim A. Ryan

Brantley Bazor

Alan Miller

Jay W. Mathis

Mike Collier

Ricky Dombrowski

Sherman Carouthers

Sally Doty

Lester Williams

Timmy Ladner

Kevin Horan

Tom Miles

Bobby Watson

Shirley M. Aguilera Logan

Steve Whitten

Tracy Arinder

John O. Read

Harold M. Taylor

Reecy L. Dickson

Travis Burke

Richard Wayne Vaughn

Boyd T. Kendall

Bobby Wren

William Bond Compton

Mike Tagert

Lucien Smith

Whitfield Harrington

Dorothy Benford

Michael Pembleton

Billy B. Gray

Mack Carney

Roy VanDevender

Billy Broomfield

Tasha Dillon

Teri Stanford

Bruce Burton

Jimmy Wayne Russell

Torey Bell, Sr.

David Chase Callahan