Reeves camp questions Hewes' $ report

Lieutenant governor candidate Billy Hewes III today filed a campaign finance report that shows he outraised Tate Reeves for June $356,452 to $227,725.

But Reeves supporters said Hewes' donations include a $100,000 loan from his father, and they question whether Hewes is using loans that are "only on paper" to inflate his campaign fundraising numbers. To-date, Hewes has listed more than $300,000 in loans to the campaign.

A Hewes campaign spokesman said this is absolutely not the case, and chalked such questions up to sour grapes over Hewes banking more money than Reeves for the June report.

"There's nothing in our account for show," said Hewes spokesman Keith Plunkett. "The money in the Billy Hewes account for lieutenant governor is meant to be spent."

Reeves is showing more cash on hand -- $1.447 million -- than any statewide candidate, including those running for governor.

-- Geoff Pender/political editor