Some campaign finance report numbers

Periodic campaign finance reports were due today -- here are some numbers from what's been posted on the SOS site. I just looked, and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Johnny DuPree's was not yet up on the site. Here are the ones available so far:


Phil Bryant

Cash on Hand: $1.1 millionJune: $555,238YTD: $3.2 million

Dave Dennis:

Cash on hand: $508,282June: $228,468YTD: $1.58 million

Bill Luckett:

Cash on hand: $441,827June: $98,039YTD: $721,256

* Hudson Holliday, mostly self-funded, has $482,784 cash on hand; Ron Williams, also self funded, shows he has spent $597,000 to date, including $222,000 this period.

Lieutenant governor:

Billy Hewes:

Cash on hand: $567,289June: $356,452YTD: $1.025 million

Tate Reeves:

Cash on hand: $1.447 millionJune: $227,725YTD: $1.116 million

-- Geoff Pender/political editor