Legislators' pay list

How much do state lawmakers make?

They’re usually quick to say $10,000 a year — that’s their base salary. But they also receive per diem pay, mileage and other reimbursement and $1,500 a month when not in session.

The State Auditor’s Office has released its annual list of expenses and appropriations by the Mississippi Legislature, covering expenses for May 4, 2010, through April 11 of this year, including a special session in August of 2010 and this year’s regular session.

For the full report on $4.5 billion in appropriations and $18.5 million in legislative expenses, and to see what all lawmakers made, go to the Crawdaddy blog at

Below is the list of what South Mississippi’s legislative delegation was paid. To see what other lawmakers made, click the link above:


Billy Broomfield $53,017

J.P. Compretta $52,926

Dirk Dedeaux $51,745

Scott DeLano $42,498

Casey Eure $16,903

Mark Formby $41,869

Frances Fredericks $36,567

Herb Frierson $43,939

Jeffrey Guice $47,165

Frank Hamilton $45,059

Roger Ishee $41,576

Brandon Jones $43,264

Steven Palazzo $11,545

Deryk Parker $32,157

Randall Patterson $46,820

Diane Peranich $37,974

John Read $40,773

Jessica Upshaw $45,227

Shaun Walley $45,462

Hank Zuber $43,752


Sid Albritton $50,746

David Baria $37,177

Debbie Dawkins $50,557

Tommy Dickerson $37,938

Tommy Gollott $38,796

Billy Hewes III $67,684

Billy Hudson $38,033

Ezell Lee $50,709

Tommy Moffat $36,610

Michael Watson $45,391

— Geoff Pender/political editor