Reeves says poll shows 40-point lead

Mississippi Treasurer Tate Reeves, Republican candidate for Lt. Governor, released information on a poll his campaign conducted last week that shows Reeves with a 40-point lead heading into the final weeks before the August 2nd Republican primary.

The survey of 500 likely Republican Primary voters conducted on June 29th - 30th by OnMessage Inc. shows Reeves in a very strong position in the race for Lt. Governor. The margin of error is + / - 4.4%. According to the survey¡¦s findings:

„X Tate Reeves leads Billy Hewes 56% to 16%.

„X 60% of those surveyed have a favorable impression of Reeves while 5% have an unfavorable impression.

„X Reeves leads in all media markets, including Hewes¡¦ home market of Biloxi-Gulfport.

„X Hewes¡¦ numbers have weakened even as he has spent heavily on negative attack ads. Only 26% have a positive impression of Hewes while 13% have a negative impression.

Reeves Campaign Manager Justin Brasell said, ¡§Billy Hewes¡¦ desperation has become obvious, but Mississippians won¡¦t be fooled by his false negative attacks. Tate Reeves is running an issues-based campaign focused on fiscal responsibility that voters are responding to in positive ways across the state