Baria on board with policyholders

Sen. David Baria has joined the board of United Policyholders, a nonprofit that assists consumers with insurance issues.

Amy Bach, the executive director of United Policyholders, closely followed events on the Mississippi Coast after Katrina. Residents will recall the hundreds of lawsuits filed when private insurance companies refused to cover wind losses for homes also hit by tidal surge.

Bach's organization was there to provide resources and guidance to consumers. United Policyholders also has a website where consumers can find tips on filing insurance claims and many other insurance-related topics.

Bach sent out a news release that announced Baria's appointment. In it, she said: “Senator Baria has both a personal and professional connection to United Policyholders’ mission. He works hard to help home and business owners in his state solve insurance problems, and so do we. We are honored and very pleased to add him to our Board.”