More on Hewes/Reeves dustup at MPA

Here are some more excerpts from lt gov candidates Billy Hewes and Tate Reeves thrashing each other a bit at the Mississippi Press Association convention on Saturday. Read more in Sunday's Sun Herald. Enjoy:

Hewes has decried Reeves TV ads accusing lawmakers of overborrowing and calling Reeves a watchdog. The Reeves camp on Saturday was incensed by a Hewes ad out Friday that portrays Reeves as a chihuahua instead of a watchdog.

Hewes, 49, said the lieutenant governor’s office “is like no other statewide elected office” and that legislative experience is a requirement to lead the Senate.“The office doesn’t lend itself well to on-the-job training,” Hewes said. “Nothing speaks like experience."

Reeves, 37, said Hewes’ two decades in the Legislature means he would bring the same old politics and policy to the office.

“With his 20 years in the this campaign he hasn’t talked about his accomplishments, instead his most recent ad is a false and misleading ad about me,” Reeves said.