Gov. candidates tout TEA Party endorsements

GOP gubernatorial candidates Phil Bryant and Dave Dennis have picked up TEA Party endorsements. The "Official TEA Party of Mississippi" (although others claim to be THE statewide TEA group) has endorsed Bryant. The Gulf Coast 912 Project and Alcorn County TEA Party Patriots have endorsed Dennis. Statements from the two campaigns are below:


On Friday, June 24, Phil Bryant received the endorsement for his campaign for Governor from the Official Tea Party of Mississippi.

In announcement signed by Don Daniels, Chair Person, and Bruce Prewett, Executive Board Member, the Official Tea Party of Mississippi stated their support for Phil Bryant’s campaign citing his “record of conservative values, integrity and character.”

The announcement also stated, “Phil Bryant has and will continue to fight for the rights of Mississippi and its people, along with protecting our state of unnecessary infringement from the Federal Government.”

“I am honored to receive this endorsement from the Official Tea Party of Mississippi and I will continue working for the conservative values we share as we join together to make Mississippi a great place to live, work and raise our families,” said Phil Bryant.

This endorsement from the Official Mississippi Tea Party joins a list of other endorsements for Phil Bryant’s campaign from other key groups and associations including the National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund (NRA-PVF), the Home Builders Association of Mississippi, the Mississippi Association of Realtors, Mississippi Right to Life, and the Mississippi Federation for Immigration Reform and Enforcement (MFIRE).


Alcorn County Tea Party Patriots Endorse Dave DennisSays Dennis has “refreshing Common sense business experience and approach to be chief executive of this State”

On Friday, June 24, the Alcorn County Tea Party Patriots endorsed Dave Dennis for Governor of Mississippi. The Alcorn County Tea Party Patriots Board Members released this statement on the organization's Facebook page:

"Today, June 24,2011, the Alcorn County Tea Party Patriots are proud to announce that we heartily endorse Mr. Dave Dennis for the office of Governor of Mississippi. His refreshing common sense business experience and approach to be chief executive of this State, his adherence and commitment to the 2nd & 10th Amendment, his 'look you in the eye' and answer you truthfully attitude, his commitment to put the citizens of the state ahead of the political party were deciding factors along with his determination to keep state goverment small and taxes low, and to bridge the gap with government and both small businesses and major industries to bring them into a thriving Mississippi. We wish him Godspeed on his Journey to guide our State into a future of prosperity."

This is the second endorsement by a Tea Party organization in Mississippi this week for Dennis. On Wednesday, the Mississippi Gulf Coast 912 Project endorsed Dave Dennis for Governor as well.

Dennis said, “I've enjoyed all my campaign meetings in Alcorn County and am honored this group of Mississippians dedicated to limited government and free markets has endorsed me. Our message of strong private sector leadership instead of politics as usual is penetrating to grassroots organizations across the state.”