Lt governor candidates continue verbal jousting

BILOXI — The two GOP lieutenant governor candidates, who’ve been sparring in ads and press releases recently, continued to accuse each other of misleading voters at a state press gathering Saturday.

State Sen. Billy Hewes III of Gulfport and Treasurer Tate Reeves of Flowood spoke at the Mississippi Press Association convention at Beau Rivage casino. With only minor prodding from gathered journalists, the two continued their verbal jousting, which has centered around state borrowing.

Reeves has said that as a lawmaker for 20 years, Hewes has voted to borrow billions. Hewes said that as treasurer and member of the state’s bonding commission, Reeves has voted to borrow billions.

“I will continue to point out inaccuracies and misleading statements,” said Hewes. “Be what you are. Don’t try to dodge your record...If you’re going to tell something, tell it all.”

“I am happy to run on my record,” Reeves said. “(Hewes’) first ad on TV was about ‘keeping it between the ditches.’ His second was about where his son is going to go to college. While those are both interesting topics, they don’t have a whole lot to do about leading the state of Mississippi.”

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-- Geoff Pender/political editor