Haley says he's going to write a book

Everyone's been wondering what Haley Barbour might do when he leaves office. While on the Coast today, he said he's considering writing a book.

Barbour said he is thinking about writing a book on crisis management when he leaves office.

The governor said at a Mississippi Press Association gathering, and again after a speech to the Gulfport Business Council on Friday afternoon that he is not sure where he will be based when he leaves office at year’s end, but Mississippi will always be home.

If he does write a crisis-management book, he said, it will not revolve around politics. Barbour was still serving his first term in office when Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005. He and his wife, Marsha, spent a great deal of time on the Coast after the storm. He is widely credited with helping to secure billions from the federal government that funded Coast recovery from the nation’s worst natural disaster.

-- Anita Lee/Sun Herald