Dem Chair Franks on candidate withdrawals

Here's a statement from state Democratic Party Chairman Jamie Franks on the withdrawal of several candidates from the primary, including LyTanya Toomer, who had been running against longtime Rep. Diane Peranich, D-DeLisle:

“The Democratic Party recognizes the many years of public service provided by Representatives Harvey Moss, Shaun Walley, Derek Parker, David Norquist, Mary Ann Stevens, and Senator Tommy Dickerson, who each made the decision to withdraw their candidacies for re-election to the state House of Representatives before being certified to appear on the primary ballots in their respective districts. We thank them all for their service to Mississippi.

Yesterday, the Mississippi Democratic Party received a notice of withdrawal from Ms.LyTanya Toomer, who was running as a candidate for House District 121. On behalf of the Executive Committee, I have accepted her withdrawal from candidacy, and am issuing this statement as public notice of such. Ms. Toomer’s withdrawal leaves Representative Diane Peranich as the only Democratic candidate for Mississippi House District 121.

“Although Ms. Toomer’s withdrawal comes after the ballots were printed, the Party respects her wish to withdraw, and we issue this statement so the public can be informed timely that she does not wish to continue her candidacy.”