Financial disclosure statements from Cochran, Wicker and Palazzo

Attached are the recently filed financial disclosure statements South Mississippi's congressmen are required to fill out each year. They detail their outside sources of income and assets.

For the U.S. House, the reports are easily accessible through the House clerk's office and website. And Palazzo should get transparency kudos -- he also makes his available to his constituents through his own website.

The Senate, however, is a different story. If one wants to view his senators' financial interests, he or she would have to show up at the Senate offices in person in D.C., fill out a request and pay 22 cents a page for the information. It's not available in electronic form, either.

These Senate reports posted here are compliments of LegiStorm, a group dedicated to transparency in government. Much thanks, LegiStorm.

-- Geoff Pender/political editor