Palazzo opposes Choctaw casino in Jaxco

Release from U.S. Rep. Palazzo's office on Choctaw casino in Jackson County:

Congressman Palazzo (MS-04) said the following in regards to Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs Echo Hawk’s letter rescinding a 2008 memorandum entitled “guidance for taking off-reservation land into trust for gaming purposes:”

“The people of Jackson County do not support Choctaw casino expansion into their community. They have consistently and overwhelmingly voted against it. This is the will of the community and it should be adhered to. “

I do not support the expansion of casinos in to any county in Mississippi where they do not currently exist and I do not support Choctaw casino developments in Jackson County. This is a situation where an Obama political appointee is making decisions that affect Jackson Countians and I stand with Jackson County. I urge my colleagues on the Natural Resources Committee to hold hearings to investigate any improprieties regarding the gaming policy of the Department of the Interior.”

In the case of Jackson County, it is 175 miles from the Choctaw principal reservation, too far to justify an expansion from their reservation. In addition, it is in the best interest of our current, vibrant casino and tourism industry on the Gulf Coast to attract fair competition that is held to the same standards and commitments required by state law.”