MDOT gives friendly sign reminder

From MDOT:

The Mississippi Department of Transportation is reminding the public that signs of any kind cannot be placed along state maintained highways. Now that many political campaigns are in full swing, maintenance crews across South Mississippi are seeing a high number of signs being placed on highway rights of way in the past few weeks.

"MDOT would like to remind candidates that as they conduct their campaign for public office to please keep in mind that it is illegal to place campaign signs within the rights-of-way of state highways," said MDOT District Six Maintenance Engineer Todd Jordan. "Any signs along state highways will be removed."

The width of highway rights-of-way varies by location and includes the driving lanes, shoulders, mowed areas, and potentially may reach distances of 300 feet or more from the centerline of the driving lanes. Typically, the right-of-way is larger near roadway intersections making it more likely that a sign placed near an intersection will be illegal.

Campaign and other advertising signs can distract drivers from other vital information. If sign posts are left in the ground, they can damage maintenance equipment and interfere with the safety of the motoring public and maintenance workers. After removing the illegal signs, they will be transported to the nearest maintenance shop and prepared for disposal.