TEA Party wants drug, citizenship testing for public assistance

The Mississippi Gulf Coast 912 Project, along with state Sen. Joey Fillingane, R-Sumrall, has authored a ballot initiative that would require people to undergo random drug tests and prove citizenship before receiving public assistance or a paycheck from the state.

Coast 912 and the Mississippi TEA Party are working to get the nearly 90,000 signatures required to get the initiative before voters next year.

A summary of the initiative:

“Initiative No. 33 would amend the Mississippi Constitution to require that persons receiving public assistance, as well as state contractors, subcontractors and state employees, must undergo random drug testing. Failing two drug tests results in loss of benefits. Persons not currently receiving public assistance must pass drug testing before receiving benefits. This initiative also requires that persons residing in the state illegally are prohibited from receiving public assistance or a state salary of any kind.”

To read the entire measure, and for more information on the petition drive, go to