Sign blitz might not be such a good idea

As we reported here yesterday, the Phil Bryant for governor campaign is calling for a statewide "sign blitz" on Saturday. In an email that went out to some local groups, the campaign said, "Signs will need to be placed on the majority of the major intersections and street corners as well as along the highways in the counties, cities, and communities along the Coast."

But at least one group later sent out a warning that such a sign blitz might be against the law, that signs put out at intersections or on private property without permission might get picked up by the cities and could result in some tickets or fines.

Dave Dennis spokesman Brian Perry had this to say when I asked him: "I would say it's not unusual for campaign volunteers to get overenthusiastic about putting out signs. But it's irresponsible for a campaign to direct volunteers to put up signs on public or private property without the owners' permission."

-- Geoff Pender/political editor