Hewes wants help in choosing son's college

Here's something a little different. Lt. gov. candidate Billy Hewes wants people to help his son Gardner pick which college to go to. He's set up an online vote (link below). Also attached is a link to Hewes' campaign commercial, which is now being run in several markets statewide.

Here's part of a message Hewes sent out about his son's dilemma picking a college:

"You see, my son Gardner is attempting to pick a school to attend college. As a graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi, I'm pushing hard in that direction. However, I'm getting a little resistance. Well, let me be honest, I'm getting a lot of resistance! My daughter Katie attends Ole Miss, and my other daughter Sarah Margaret is at Mississippi State. My wife Paula wants him close to home here on the coast, so she's going with Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College, where she attended.

Gardner is caught in the middle. Truth be known, It's he who needs your help. As the decision gets closer, I think we're all driving him a little crazy."