Campaign finance late filers, failure to file lists

The secretary of state has released the list of candidates who have failed to file their campaign finance reports, and those who filed them late. Here's the release from Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann's office:

Pursuant to Miss. Ann Code § 23-15-817, the Office of the Secretary of State is required to publish a list of all candidates for the Legislature or any statewide office who failed to timely file a campaign disclosure report by the dates specified in Section 23-15-807(b).

Below is a list of all candidates for statewide and legislative office who failed to timely file their campaign finance report.

GovernorWilliam D. OatisWilliam Bond Compton

Central District Public Service CommissionerAddie GreenDannie Ayers

Northern District Transportation CommissionerRay Minor

Southern District Transportation CommissionerScottie Cuevas

Senate Candidates Michael Cobb Senate D2Betsy Hamilton SD3Steve Hale SD10Dennis Dye SD10Gwendolyn McLure SD12Derrick T. Simmons SD12George ‘Boo’ Hollowell SD22Alice V. Harden SD28Steve Stanford SD29Melvin Hendricks SD31W. L. Rayburn SD 39Robert F. ‘Bobby’ Hendry SD43Philip Moran SD 46James K. ‘Ken’ Overstreet SD46Deborah Dawkins SD48

House of Representative Candidates Jimmy Wayne Russell HD3Tommy Cadle HD3Teri Stanford HD3E. Forrest Hamilton HD6Harrold Taylor HD6Steve Shaw HD13Brad Underwood HD19Ferr Smith HD27David Dallas HD28Zachary Harris HD30Jeffery Kilpatrick HD30Otis Anthony, II HD31Torrey Dell, Sr. HD31Lester Williams HD 31Michael T. Pembleton HD 31Troy D. Brown Sr. HD 32Sean Holmes HD33Charles David Weber HD45Jason M. White HD48Nathaniel Christian HD48Thomas Lee Eskridge HD48Gary Farmer HD51Philip Gunn HD56Jim Culberson HD56John Weisenberger HD63Cecil Brown HD66Earle S. Banks HD67Gay Polk HD73Kevin Lavine HD73Mark Baker HD74Ralin Williams HD78Frankie Chisolm HD79Ron Swindall HD79Samuel (Sam) L. Thompson HD83William G. Lee HD 84Craig Hitt HD84Jeffery Harness HD85Daniel Kilpatrick HD87Mitchell Pitts HD88Jonathan l. Hodge HD88Jerdon L. Welborn HD89Joe J. L. Warren HD 90Jimmy Hurst Barton HD91Ken Dale Sullivan HD92Robert L. Johnson, III HD94David W. Myers HD 98Harry C. Griffith HD 100Ric McCluskey HD102Dale Mitchell Kimble HD105Eddie Magee HD108Donna Y. Knezevich HD106

The following individuals did not timely file their campaign finance report. However, the report has since been received by the Office of the Secretary of State. The filer’s name and the date the campaign finance report was received by our Agency are indicated below.

GovernorWilliam Bond Compton, 6/14/11

Central District Transportation CommissionerDorothy ‘Dot’ Benford, 6/14/11

Central District Public Service CommissionerBruce Burton, 6/13/11

Senate Candidates: Mala Brooks SD22, 6/14/11Gerald Lucia SD29, 6/14/11Cliff Brown SD35, 6/14/11Bob M. Dearing SD37, 6/13/11

House of Representatives:Roy Vandevender HD 42, 6/13/11Richard Wayne Vaughn HD 45, 6/13/11Earle S. Banks HD 67, 6/14/11Joe J. L. Warren HD 90, 6/13/11Bob Evans HD 91, 6/13/11Diane C. Peranich HD 121, 6/14/11