Hewes blasts Reeves over borrowing

And so it begins... Lieutenant governor candidate Billy Hewes at a press conference in Jackson today, launched what appears to be one of the first major offensives of the 2011 statewide elections. He says his GOP opponent, Tate Reeves, has cast hundreds of votes for the state to borrow money, despite Reeves' recent television ad saying the state Legislature has been borrowing too much money.

Below is a statement from the Hewes campaign. We'll be efforting a response from the Reeves camp


June 7, 2011—Tate Reeves’ latest commercial is nothing more than a fabrication aimed at fooling the Mississippi voters. In the ad, Reeves complains about the state’s bond debt, in spite of the fact that he cast hundreds of votes to raise it.

“Tate Reeves’ attempt to lay the blame of Mississippi’s debt solely at the feet of the Mississippi Legislature in his latest commercial entitled ‘Enough’ is nothing more than sleight-of-hand,” said Hewes Campaign Spokesman Keith Plunkett. “He hopes taxpayers won’t understand the role he played as State Treasurer in increasing our state’s debt. But, the people of Mississippi are watching this act closely, and it is they who have had ‘Enough’.

“Voters should beware of the vague statements from Reeves that claim fiscal responsibility when the facts show differently. We need some truth here. The truth is that Reeves is one of three votes on the State Bond Commission that directly affect Mississippi’s bonded indebtedness, and the record shows that out of 418 votes cast on that commission over the past seven and a half years he has voted 'Yes' 415 times.

“He is telling the voters that he has been a staunch voice for decreasing government debt. But, the record shows a drastically different Tate Reeves. One would think our Treasurer would be a little more accurate about his numbers."

“The fact is that Treasurer Tate Reeves, the self-proclaimed ‘watchdog’, voted 'Yes' 99% of the time as a member of the State Bond Commission. It is an overwhelming number, especially in light of the message he is pushing as a candidate. If he is a Watchdog, then who is he watching out for?”

Reeves’ record of leadership may be a well played illusion. However, his record on bond votes is not. Reeves can’t conjure up a trick to make that go away, and Mississippians aren’t so easily fooled.

"In these economic times when the job market is uncertain, Mississippians need a Lieutenant Governor who shoots straight," said Hewes. "I make a solemn promise to the people of Mississippi that I will hit the ground running from Day One promoting and building conservative policy that has a positive effect on Mississippians. The time I have spent as President Pro Tempore makes me uniquely qualified to do the job and I already have the detailed policy knowledge to get to work immediately. I'm ready to serve.