Harco supervisors upset with sheriff over budget

BILOXI - Harrison County supervisors let Sheriff Melvin Brisolara know Monday that they weren't pleased with his budget request, nor with the way they found out about it.

Brisolara spoke to the Sun Herald last week and said he planned to ask supervisors for $430,000 to meet his payroll for the last quarter, but supervisors didn't know that until they read it in the paper.

They told Brisolara at Monday's board meeting they couldn't understand why he needs the money when his budget was funded for salaries when the year began Oct. 1. Brisolara said he needs the money for 15 positions that became vacant since then.

"When the Board of Supervisors adopted the budget, all positions were filled," Board President Windy Swetman said. "So why is there a shortfall."

Swetman added that he didn't appreciate the sheriff talking to the media before he talked to supervisors.

"Before you go lambasting me in public, I'd appreciate a phone call," he said.

Brisolara is going to meet with Swetman and County Administrator Pam Ulrich this week and the board will consider the request at next Monday's meeting.

-- Melissa Scallan/Sun Herald