Ooops, not so fast!

Because of a mistake by the Secretary of State’s Office, Republican candidate Sean Tindell, and state and national media, believed hewas unopposed for the state Senate District 49 seat being vacated by Billy Hewes III, who is running for lieutenant governor.

Independent candidate Jason Vitosky, 25, of Gulfport is running for the seat. The secretary of state had incorrectly listed him as running for District 50.

Both candidates appeared to take the mistake in stride. Their platforms appear to be...umm...very different.

“Mistakes happen,” said Vitosky, who described himself as a libertarian who “believes in maximum freedom,” including legalizing marijuana, although “that’s not an issue I want to focus on with state government.” He is an administrator of an online forum and "I usually donate my time."

Tindell, an attorney and former Coast assistant district attorney and drug court prosecutor, said he’s now looking forward to campaigning.

“Having two candidates to choose from — that’s how it’s supposed to be,” Tindell said.