Hewes responds to poll

State Sen. Billy Hewes III campaign for lieutenant governor has responded to a recent poll showing his opponent, State Treasurer Tate Reeves, with a substantial lead among potential GOP primary voters.

“Our opponents have attempted to make political hay out of this recent poll,” said Hewes Communications Director Keith Plunkett, “It’s much ado about nothing, and they know it. When you get down to the real analysis of the numbers it clearly shows the only lead our opponent has is in name ID, a surprisingly low number for someone who has held statewide office for two terms.

The fact is, most voters are undecided, and according to the survey, with 55 percent having not yet been introduced to Senator Hewes, which means this race is wide open. It is also our understanding that the sample was taken from targeted districts across the state, which skewed the poll providing manipulated results.

In the end, Mississippians will vote based on qualifications. Senator Hewes would prefer to discuss real solutions for Mississippi, not polls or inside politics. We believe that over the coming months as we press Senator Hewes’s message across the state, illustrating his experience and knowledge of the issues facing Mississippi, the choice of who is most qualified for the job will clearly be Billy Hewes.”