Busby/Jones brief bios

Here's some brief bio info on the candidates for House 111. More from interviews coming soon...

Charles Busby, Republican

Age: 47

Work: engineer; owner-founder of Orion Engineering and Construction

Education: associate, MGCCC; engineering degree, University of South Alabama

Family: wife, Felicia; two children, ages 24, 20

Quote: “A change in House leadership is something we needed eight years ago. Haley Barbour, probably the most effective governor we’ve ever had, was handicapped by a liberal-controlled House...The very first vote (Jones) cast was for Billy McCoy to be speaker of the House, and I don’t think it was a youthful mistake...We have the chance to make some changes that need to be made.”

Brandon Jones, Democrat

Age: 33

Work: incumbent state representative, four years; general law practice

Education: bachelor’s, Mississippi College; master of divinity, Wake Forest University; law degree, Mercer University

Family: wife, Laurie; two children, ages 5 and 2

Quote: “We in South Mississippi have to keep our foot on the gas pedal. We have long been a disregarded part of this state in Jackson...the only way for us to raise our profile is to make our voice heard and effective, and I have done that to the best of my ability...All too often folks get elected from our part of the state and go up there and turn out to be yes men for folks who live in Jackson and North Mississippi.”