Paris Hilton returns just in time to save the planet

The home page for the NanoDrop website.
The home page for the NanoDrop website. Screenshot

Admit it. You’ve been spending some sleepless nights wondering what Celebrity Without a Cause Paris Hilton was up to.

Well, worry no more. According to her website, she’s been busy with important work at the Paris Hilton Institute of Plastic Pollution Solutions. And she was about to announce her breakthrough product NanoDrop.

NanoDrop, according to the PHIPPS, is 5,000 times more hydrating than ordinary water. And that would keep thousands of plastic bottles from littering the Earthscape.

Even if you don’t drink water, you’re probably sick of seeing plastic bottles skittering down the road on a windy day.

So this makes her a pretty big deal. Except ...

It’s just an elaborate ad campaign for a SodaStream, a sparkling-water device. It would, in theory, eliminate thousands of bottles, so it has that going for it.

See, it wasn’t a complete lie.

It would have been a great April Fool’s joke had AdWeek and others not gotten wind. Now, the cat’s not only out of the bag, it’s scampering all over social media.

Still, the videos are a hoot.

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