Anyone want to be Chris McDaniel for a day?

Thousands of people attend a women’s march on the Capitol in Salt Lake City on Monday.
Thousands of people attend a women’s march on the Capitol in Salt Lake City on Monday. AP

State Sen. Chris McDaniel might be having a big ol’ time sparring with a hornet’s nest of liberal women he incited with his Facebook posts on last weekend’s Women’s March.

But imagine if you’re state Sen. Chris McDaniel of Taylor Mill, Kentucky.

Collateral damage. Even though his Twitter handle is @KyChrisMcDaniel.

Between tweets about an airman receiving a Distinguished Flying Cross and the senator’s visit to a nursing home, there’s this: picked up on the case of mistaken identity and soon all was well. At least in Kentucky.

In Nebraska, state Sen. Bill Kintner said he would resign after he sent a tweet that dealt with marchers and sexual assault. And, no, I’m not repeating it.

“By retweeting a message, I was not implying support for putting women in fear of their personal safety,” he told the Los Angeles Times via a message released by his office. “I took down the retweet as soon as I became aware that it was being misconstrued.”

Closer to home, the Mississippi McDaniel just kept throwing fuel on the fire Tuesday night with posts about the Normandy invasion and a pair of tiny feet.

And he attempted to drag Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders into the fray. He got a lot of veterans and families of veterans instead.


His alt-fan club reacted to the food fight with a petition drive demanding that he resign by 5 p.m. Friday. It’s closing in on 400 signatures.

So far, though, the other Chris McDaniels on Twitter have made it unscathed, although the fellow who reports on the death penalty for Buzz Feed noted the plight of the Kentucky state senator. Chris McDaniel the singer has his tweets protected. There are more than 80 Chris McDaniels on Twitter, so be careful out there.

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