Senator’s Facebook post reinforces Mississippi stereotypes, again

There was a healthy crowd in Jackson for the Women's March on Saturday.
There was a healthy crowd in Jackson for the Women's March on Saturday. AP

And once again we have a male politician proving how little he understands women — and the internet.

State Sen. Chris McDaniel has become known for tossing the occasional bit of red meat to his Pine Belt constituency on Facebook to watch them gleefully gobble it up.

But Sunday he made some pretty sweeping generalizations about women in a post Sunday night.

Like so:

“So a group of unhappy liberal women marched in Washington DC. We shouldn’t be surprised; almost all liberal women are unhappy. Perhaps there’s a correlation.

“Nevertheless, I’m fascinated to see them exercise their First Amendment rights (however objectionable the message).

“But I do have a question: if they can afford all those piercings, tattoos, body paintings, signs, and plane tickets, then why do they want us to pay for their birth control?”

Things seemed to start off about the way I believe he had planned. Yay rah, Chris. Go get ’em, etc.

Then the world at large noticed. That’s rarely a good thing for a Mississippi politician.

McDaniel gamely tried to dig himself out, providing links to videos and

Women, and a lot of men, weren’t buying it. There were more than 4,000 comments on the post by 1:30 p.m. Monday. Much of it was a familiar argument: Women don’t care for men telling them what to do with their bodies. And the march, by the way, was about more than birth control. Things like equal pay and the vile hot mic tape of President Donald Trump were on their minds, too.

Being social media, the sensible debate of the issue didn’t last long. It was not, in short, America’s finest moment(s).

McDaniel was unapologetic.

“Friends, you should read this,” he wrote less than an hour ago after a commenter posted his office phone number. “Evidently, I’ve offended the snowflakes. I apologize for their filthy language but that’s precisely what we should expect from liberals.”

Are you happy, now?

But in perhaps his biggest mistake, McDaniel said “almost all liberal women are unhappy.”

There’s a word for that among the dopes of the male persuasion. It’s called negging.

Here’s how the Urban Dictionary defines it: Low-grade insults meant to undermine the self-confidence of a woman so she might be more vulnerable to your advances.

It’s used by male wallflowers who think they’ve cracked the code and a figured out a way to get women to like them without being likeable.

Apparently, it doesn’t work so well on liberals.

“Gosh what a dumb thing to write,” began one of the kinder retorts. “I’m not unhappy BECAUSE I’m liberal. I’m unhappy with Donald Trump, how he was elected and what he plans to do.

“Oh and BTW, I have pierced ears.”

At least a couple dared call him “snowflake.”

The poor dear

Sarcasm? Check.

“Oh dear,” one wrote. “I think you love a nasty, pierced, tattooed woman. Because you just managed to sweet-talk a bunch of very naturally happy and lovely ladies into calling you for a little chat.” And she left McDaniel’s number.

On the other side, several saw a link to George Soros, of course, and Muslims. Yes, Muslims.

But you know who took the biggest beating? Mississippi. Because it was another chance for our detractors to remind themselves of our shortcomings.

In the end, it probably won’t hurt McDaniel, unless he aims for an office outside the friendly confines of Mississippi. He’ll go on handing out turkeys at Christmas and piling up lopsided victories.

But the marchers and the commenters came from all across America. Thousands more marched in support in other countries.

Somewhere in Idaho, a woman just looked up from her computer and told her friends, “Hey, listen to this.” And then the scene was replicated in Chicago or Indiana or Des Moines.

And that is why, my friends, male and female, when you have that perfect Facebook comment, that frosty tweet, you should take your hands off the keyboard, exhale and ask yourself, “Do I really want to shout this out an open window?”