Shots fail to erase memory of Emmett Till

This marker likely will stay alongside a new one.
This marker likely will stay alongside a new one.

The Emmett Till Interpretive Center had hoped to raise $15,000 to replace and protect a historical marker shot full of holes at the spot where the Chicago teen’s body was pulled from a river in Mississippi.

Almost $19,000 has been raised in less than a week. The fundraising campaign has 68 days to go.

If the vandals were trying to erase the state’s racist past, they failed. And then some. The story has been on CNN, The Christian Science Monitor, the New York Daily News and other far-reaching social media and websites.

Someone from Australia weighed in on the fundraising site. It appears the story of the horrific 1955 murder of a teen whose only crime was flirting with a white woman in rural Mississippi will be with us. The woman’s husband, Roy Bryant, and her brother-in-law J.W. Milam were acquitted of kidnapping and murder in a Mississippi court but later bragged to Look magazine that they were indeed the killers.

The Interpretive Center said $15,000 would be enough to replace the marker, protect and develop a smartphone app to lead people to other markers. Donors urged the center to leave the shot-up marker as a reminder that Mississippi has a ways to go on civil rights.

Take that, you trigger-happy goofballs.