Here’s the final list of candidates for South Mississippi state and county elections

How to register to vote in Mississippi

Ready to vote in the next election? There are a few steps you need to take first, such as making sure you are registered properly in the state of Mississippi. Here's how to do that.
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Ready to vote in the next election? There are a few steps you need to take first, such as making sure you are registered properly in the state of Mississippi. Here's how to do that.

The deadline has passed, and the lists of candidates for the 2019 state and county election is finalized.

The primary election is Aug. 6. Regulations for county elections are provided by the Secretary of State’s office.

Here are the lists of candidates running at the state and county level, with R for Republican, D for Democrat, I for Independent and L for Libertarian. An (I) signifies an incumbent who currently holds that position.

State offices

Senate 46

Blaine LaFontaine, R

Philip Moran, R (I)

Senate 47

Joseph “Mike” Seymour, R (I)

C.T. Switzer, R

Senate 48

Jason Boyd, R

Deborah Dawkins, D (I)

Gary Fredericks, D

Mike Thompson, R

Senate 49

Joel Carter Jr., R (I)

Senate 50

Scott DeLano, R

Dixie Newman, R

Burton Swoope, R

(Incumbent Tommy Gollott, R, is retiring)

Senate 51

Doug Adams, R

Jeremy England, R

Gary Wayne Lennep, R

Butch Loper, R

(Incumbent Michael Watson is running for Secretary of State)

Senate 52

Brice Wiggins, R (I)

House 93

Timmy Ladner, R (I)

House 95

Nancy Depreo, R

Jay McKnight, R

Robert Dambrino, R

Patricia Willis, R (I)

House 109

Manly Barton, R (I)

Joshua Hardy, R

House 110

Jeramey Anderson, D (I)

Mitch Ellerby, I

House 111

Charles Busby, R (I)

House 112

John Read, R (I)

House 113

Henry “Hank” Zuber III, R (I)

House 114

Kenenth Fountain, R

Jeffrey “Jeff” Guice, R (I)

Tony Lawrence, I

Richard “Rich” Westfall, R

House 115

Felix Gines , D

Randall Patterson, R (I)

House 116

Casey Eure, R (I)

House 117

Kevin Felsher, R

Inez Kelleher, D

(Incumbent Scott DeLano is running for Senate)

House 118

Greg Haney, R (I)

John McCay, R

House 119

Sonya Williams Barnes, D (I)

Jeffrey Hulum III, D

House 120

Richard Bennett, R (I)

House 121

Carolyn Crawford, R (I)

Brent Anderson, R

House 122

Brent Anderson, R

Wendy McDonald, D

(Incumbent is David Baria)

District 2 District Attorney

Joel Smith, R (Incumbent)

District 19 District Attorney

Angel Myers McIlrath, R (I)

Hancock County

Supervisor District 1

Kurt Necaise, R

Theresa Ryan, R

Jefferson “Buster” Verdin IV, D

David Yarborough, I (I)

Supervisor District 2

Kenny Hoda, R

Greg Shaw, R (I)

Henry Ward, I

Supervisor District 3

Danny Johnson, R

Kodie Koenenn, R

Carl Necaise, R

Fred Sullivan, R

(Incumbent Blaine LaFontaine is running for Senate)

Supervisor District 4

Scotty Adam, R (I)

Thaddeus Collier, D

Supervisor District 5

Darrin “Bo” Ladner, R (I)

Diana Ladner, R


Ricky Adam, R (I)

Tommy Carver Sr., R


Christopher Crittenden, R

Jim Faulk, R (I)

Jeff Hair, R

Chancery Clerk

Timothy Kellar, R (I)

Circuit Clerk

Tammy Garber, R

Kevin Ladner, R

Ray Ladner Jr., R

Kendra “KK” Ladner Necaise, R

Johnny Rutherford, R

(Incumbent is Karen Ladner Ruhr)

Tax Assessor/Collector

Jimmie Ladner Jr., R (I)

Constable Place 1

Terry Necaise, R (I)

Constable Place 2

Chad Dorn, R

Oliver Lee Sr., R

Ray Seal Jr., R (I)

Constable Place 3

Albert Biehl, R

Guy “Tater” Graham, I

David Perks, R

Steven Saucier, D

Paul Taylor, R

(Incumbent is Theresa Beeson)

Justice Court Judge Place 1

Desmond Hoda, R

(Incumbert is Ricky Adam)

Justice Court Judge Place 2

Teresa Ehrlich, I

James “Jay” Lagasse III, R (I)

Aaron “Ace” LeBleu, R

Brian Necaise, R

Jimmy Osbourn, R

Justice Court Judge Place 3

Roger Estopinal Jr., R

Roland Flowers Jr., R

Adam Landrum, R

Eric Moran, R

Judith Redshaw, R

Lynn Smith, L

(Incumbent is Tommy Carver)

Harrison County

Supervisor District 1

Beverly Martin, R (I)

Donald Todd, L

Supervisor District 2

Richard Matheny, R

Shawn Petro, R

Rebecca Powers, R

(Incumbent Angel Kibler-Middleton is running for constable)

Supervisor District 3

Marlin Ladner, R (I)

Joseph Piernas, D

Supervisor District 4

Kent Jones, D (I)

Supervisor District 5

Richard Todd Herrin, R

Connie Rocko, R (I)

County attorney

Herman Cox, R


Troy Peterson, R (I)


Rosie Robertson, R

Brian Switzer, R

(Incumbent is Gary Hargrove)

Justice Court Judge District 1

Albert Fountain, R (I)

Justice Court Judge District 2

Brandon Ladner, R (I)

Justice Court judge District 3

Dianne Lander, R (I)

Justice Court Judge District 4

Melvin Ray, I (I)

Justice Court Judge District 5

Jason Edmonds, R

Geoffrey Germany, R

Alphonso Gines, I

Nick Patano, R

Patrick Williams, R

(Incumbent is Bruce Strong)

Tax collector

Kelly Hartfield Griffin, R

Guy Hartness, I

David LaRosa Sr., R (I)

Tax Assessor

Paula Ladner, R

Mario Lozano, L

Tommy McAdams, R

(Incumbent is Tal Flurry)

Chancery clerk

Brian Carriere, R

John McAdams, R (I)

Circuit clerk

Connie Ladner, R (I)

Constable District 1

Eugene Brezany Jr., D

James Morgan, R (I)

Constable District 2

Ricky Dombrowski, R

Neill McInnis, I

Angel Kibler-Middleton, R

Michael Saucier, R

(Incumbent is Paul Johnson)

Constable District 3

Alan Weatherford, R (I)

Constable District 4

Sammie Taylor, D (I)

Constable District 5

Colton Diamond, R

Jeff Migues, R (Incumbent)

Jackson County

Supervisor District 1

Barry Cumbest, R (I)

Steve Weiden, R

Supervisor District 2

Melton Harris, D (I)

Robert Lance Williams, R

Supervisor District 3

Jacques “Tommy” Martin, R

Ken Taylor, R (I)

Supervisor District 4

Sean Alawine, D

Tommy Brodnax, R

Frank Leach, R

Troy Ross, R (I)

Supervisor District 5

Randy Bosarge, R (I)

George Zorn, R


Mike Ezell, R (I)


Carole Anne Burnett-Fagan, R

Greta Guthans, R

Bruce Lynd Jr., R

Jason Moody, R

Kathleen “Kitty” Seymour-Swetman, R

Darren Versiga, R

(Incumbent Vicki Broadus is retiring.)

Chancery Clerk

Josh Eldridge, R (I)

Circuit Clerk

Randy Carney, R (I)

Tax Assessor

Nick Elmore, R (I)

Tax Collector

Ramona “Lee” Armstrong, R

Kevin Miller, R

Anthony Shearer, R

Stephanie Tagert, R

(Incumbent is Janice Sharp)

County Prosecuting Attorney

James “Lee” Farragut III, R

Kyle Miller, R

Justice Court Judge District 1

Matthew Lachaussee, R (I)

Richard Palmer, R

Justice Court Judge District 2

Richard Biggs, R

Sheila Jackson Osgood, D (I)

Justice Court Judge District 3

Jason Thomton, R (I)

Justice Court Judge District 4

Suzette Breland, R

Daniel “Danny” Guice III, R (I)

Constable District 1

Michael “Mickey” Everett Jr., R

Ty Thompson, R (I)

Constable District 2

Calvin Hutchins, D (I)

Robert Reeves, D

Constable District 3

Kyle Cummings, R

K. Shane Langfitt, R (I)

Constable District 4

Kerry Fountain, R (I)

Jarrod Burnside, R

The Harrison County Board of Supervisors was the first female-majority board in Mississippi. Connie Rockco, Angel Kibler-Middleton and Beverly Martin shared what it's like to be a woman in local politics.

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