Ocean Springs political forum will introduce 11 newcomers

Tuesday’s nonpartisan political forum at the Mary C. O’Keefe Cultural Center — hosted by the League of Women Voters from 6 to 8 p.m. — will give voters a chance to meet 11 newcomers to politics in the city.

There are three open wards in which incumbent aldermen are not running for reelection, and a total of 16 candidates for all seven wards.

The LWV will bring them on stage by ward and allow three minutes for each candidate to present themselves and their views. There will be a moderator.

At the end, the two candidates for mayor will have three minutes each to present their positions and two minutes to respond to their opponent.

Afterward, there will be ward tables in the lobby where candidates can gather and meet with residents.

“It’s an interesting time,” one LWV representative said. “There is a big turnover in the city government.”

“The forum is especially important because of the many newcomers,” forum chair David Stephens said. “Citizens need to see them in person and grouped with their opponents.”

The Mary C. is at 1600 Government St.

For details, contact Stephens at 818-9062 or Roberta Avila at 435-3113.