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Private campaign conversation in Louisiana accidentally goes public

WASHINGTON -- Louisiana Republican Rep. Charles Boustany's staff on Tuesday accidentally broadcast a conversation about two of his opponents in his run for Sen. David Vitter's seat.

Boustany's staffers are heard in the conversation accidentally posted to Facebook Live saying that state Treasurer John Kennedy is very disciplined and on message but Boustany's colleague in the House, Rep. John Fleming, is prone to mistakes.

"You can't knock Kennedy off message. He's dogged," says one person not seen in the video.

"We're not going to win with gaffes," another says. "We might if it were Fleming, but not him."

"Well, Fleming's made some big ones," the other says.

One talks about a conversation he had with Kennedy.

"I was just really hoping he would say something dumb in private."

The other replies, "That would be awesome. I would email every reporter I know."